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Signed By: Zaleha bte Haji Abu samah (Shah alam, Selangor, Malaysia)
Mount Rinjani3726M was also considered as a sacred mountain by the Sasak tribe of Lombok.There are some ceremony taking place at the Lake Danau Segara Anak which we can see the emerging of the new active volcano in the middle of the lake which is known as Gunung Baru.The activities taking place around the lake are fishing too!!!many delicious fish is easily caught here and we enjoy having barbecue fish beside the lake at night.
On the summit morning on 5th june 2003 the weather is beautiful and we manage to snap good view and the background of lake Danau Segara Anak and myself sitting at the edge cliff of the peak of this beutiful mountain overlooking the lake....
well Mount Rinjani is beutiful!!!!

Signed By: Lauren (Darien, CT, USA)
It was the most physically, emotionally and psychologically challenging thing I ever did and I would do it again any day. It was breathtaking to reach the rim of the crater and gaze at the amazing lake and "new" volcano! Each day brought a new awe. I would, however, recommend a guide and porters. It is a hard hike if you are not a seasoned "outdoors person" and the easier you can make it for yourself the better. It also adds to the whole experience watching them stop to pray, not to mention the live chickens they carry! :) Take as little as possible, but make sure you have good shoes, first aid kit, water and filter, and lots of film in your camera!! It is an experience I will never ever forget.

Signed By: Mareike Klemp (New York City, NY, USA)
It's an unforgettable experience. I recommend it to anyone. Being an unexperienced climber - it was tough (the climb, the changing climate), and I definitely needed a guide... but the beauty of this mountain and its surrounding is hard to come by. A three day trek from Sembalun to Senaru is recommendable... usually people climb from Senaru to the rim ... but going this way, after you climb the summit (and very recommendable and all you read is true - the last 700 meters are the hardest), you still have so much to look forward to and see - rain forests, hot springs, waterfalls of Senaru... It's a unique experience. Enjoyed every minute of it.

Take water proofs, as I compare the experience with walking up a very steep woodland path and someone throwing buckets of water over y0u ever two minutes. A good experience but do not attempt unless you are very fit and have good walking boots. This is not an easy trek. My brother almost went slightly mad climbing this mountain.after all mentioned was totally worth it and would like to trek this mountain again.

Signed By: Julien (France)
Web site: http://www.juldu.com
Great climb. You don't need a guide. The way is quite straightforward and very easy to find. Start at Sembalun. 7/9 hours to high camp (at the rim). Plenty of water at high camp. Then 3/4 hours to the top, 2 hours to go back to the high camp and 3 hours down to the Lake where there's water and hot springs. From the Lake to Senaru on the North side, it's a 3/4 hours climb up to the north rim and 5 hours walk through the forest down to Senaru. It's a great 3-day hike. Good hiking shoes are essential. Possible starting at Senaru and finishing at Sembalun, both ways are great. Guesthouse and bemos at Senaru and Sembalum. Excellent fishing at the Lake.

Signed By: Loke (Singapore)
make sure you make a trip down to the hot springs....it defintely relaxes you after the climb

Signed By: Yoshi Feldmeier (Germany)
the most beautiful experience is the view from the top: Gunung Agung (Bali) at your right, Sumbawa to your left and more than 1000m depth in front of you. Exausting is this tour in only two days, I was nearly dead after arriving in Sembalun Lawang the same day I was on the summit. Good luck!

Signed By: AWD(BODH) (INA)

Signed By: tim and gill bleasdale (england)
An most amazing , challenging , bone breaking , noodle eating experience . Especially when you don't have a guide or a porter. Again , it was amazing and if your considering climbing it , do it on a full moon.............

Signed By: Elmer Roze (Holland)
Standing on the summit, you'll feel quite heroic, because you must have thought you were not going to make it several times, and still you did!
When you're not in a good condition, you better think twice. Especially the last part is very though.
Please don't throw your garbage all over the place. A stain on the perfect situation on the top of Rinjani, was the rubbish left there by others.
good luck

Signed By: Curt Larson (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
I will just write that the hot springs are definitely worth the visit. At the campsite there, watch out for the monkeys and wild boars. One grabbed my pack next to me and took off with it ripping the belt buckle which was around a post like it was a piece of string. I ran after it following the scraping sounds, right through an area used as a latrine, screaming to scare the beast or maybe out of my own fear. I thought it a monkey, and it was only when I got back with my damaged pack (broken buckle and one small hole) that another camper told me he had seen it was a boar. Later that night another pack went off and the owner found it in the morning shredded and unusable. I had suspended my food from a rope, but there must have been the scent of s.th. still on the pack.
So in the morning after sterilizing my pack and myself in one of the hotter springs, I continued the climb. Set up camp about four hours shy of the summit. Made the top right at sunrise and was rewarded with a view of Gunung Agung on Bali which I had climbed 3 years before. Spectacular and worth the climb. Descended the opposite way, and after reaching the cow fields was dismayed to find it was another 5 (8?10?) km to the road. Magic mushrooms were everywhere on the cow patties, and I laughed to think of how they command such attention in Bali by the tourists despite their lowly origin. Managed to hitch a ride back to town.



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